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Our Story

Euphorbia Plants & Flowers Ltd. was started in 1981 by Byron Gaber, after years spent employed in greenhouses he started offering gardening and interior plant services for private residences and businesses in Winnipeg. For years Byron worked tirelessly to grow the business and establish close personal relationships with all of Euphorbia's clients, many of whom have been with us for more than 20 years! In 1995 Felix Gaber  joined his father in what was now the family business, the company continued to grow when horticulturist Tim Wieler came on board as a partner. In 2015 after years of hard work Byron retired and Felix realized his dream of becoming President of Euphorbia Plants & Flowers Ltd.

Today Euphorbia Plants & Flowers Ltd. is proud to operate out of a beautiful showroom at 543 St. Mary’s where we can display all the new and innovative products in the interior-scaping world. We continue to offer the high quality guaranteed service of tropical plants that people have come to expect when they think Euphobia. Whether you require outdoor planting of annuals, a Christmas poinsettia, or a living wall for your lobby think Euphorbia. We will continue to meet or exceed the standards of service that you have come to expect from Euphorbia Plants.

Felix Gaber

President, Euphorbia Plants & Flowers Ltd.

Our Staff

Watering Aloe Vera Plant

Felix is the President of Euphorbia and he still finds time to design amazing interiors for our clients.


Get in touch with Felix at



From palms to ferns and orchids, as our resident horticulturalist Tim really knows his plants! 

Indoor Plants

Lila can be found most days popping up in all parts of the city to perform plant maintenance.

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